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About Us

We at  KRISHNA COLLEGE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION provide all facilities to our students we have wide infrastructure and all the equipments needed for running the course.

Director :- Mr. K.P. Pradhan (Click to see affidavit of Ownership)

Availability of Physical Infrastructure
a. Land 7 Bighas 1 Biswa
b. Building 10,000 sqt.
c. Office Opp. Referal Hospital Mavli
d. Classrooms 3
e. Other Facilities

Instructional Facilities
a. Laboratory Science Lab, Psychology Lab
b. Library 3500 Books
c. Gym Yes

Teaching Staff 1 Principal, 6 Lecturers
Non Teaching Staff 1 O.S., 2 Computer Personal, Accountant
Copy of Affidavit Enclosed (Display)

Certified Copy of Accounts by C.A. (30th September, 2006) (Click To View)
a. Balance Sheet
b. Profit & Loss Account
c. Receipt & Payment Account


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